Voting Rights

Election Protection

The right to vote, in conjunction with free and equal access to the polls, is the keystone of a true democracy. Understanding this, for nearly a decade One Voice has conducted a coordinated an Election Protection program with the Mississippi State Conference NAACP to help safeguard poll access to all eligible Mississippians. Election Protection has taken up the task of educating voters on the election process as well as anticipating, identifying, and responding to voter irregularities as they arise on Election Day.

Election Protection seeks to diffuse or resolve polling issues that would result in difficulties or disenfranchisement by documenting and tracking issues that arise as well as connecting would-be voters with voting with voting rights experts on Election Day.

Civic Engagement Roundtable

The Civic Engagement Roundtable provides a space for community organizations, labor groups, and religious institutions to develop strategies that move progressive policies, monitor and enhance civic participation, and shape new narratives about the South.

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