How our work comes together!

The Mississippi Black Leadership Summit (Abbreviated MBLS) creates a space for leaders, organizers, elected officials, and policy makers to convene and share best practices that lead to and influence progressive policy at both the local and state levels.

The Mississippi Black Leadership Institute (Abbreviated MBLI) opens doors for emerging and existing professionals, organizers, and other community leaders by providing participants with information, access, training, and support.

Despite Mississippi having the highest concentration of persistent poverty counties in the nation, the average income of a Mississippian is 28% lower than the national average and yet that same Mississippian must spend upwards of 42% of their income on his or her monthly electricity bill. As nearly half of Mississippian’s receive their electricity from electric co-operatives this sizable population lives in a state of income instability and economic insecurity. Non-democratic participation has resulted in communities plagued by surging electricity bills, declining job opportunities, languishing wages, crumbling infrastructure, and dying communities. While co-ops were created to encourage and promote economic and community development, many Mississippi co-ops have worked to discourage those same qualities. Our Electric Cooperative Leadership Institute will work to increase the collective self-confidence of the community through ongoing membership education and outreach, strategy development and technical assistance, and data collection.

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