Concentration Areas


To solve many of the policy issues and racial inequities faced by communities throughout the state a sustainable, self-replenishing, progressive leadership pipeline must exist. Therefore, One Voice has created multiple vehicles to facilitate the creation of a diverse and multi-generational network of progressive leadership that shares skills and best practices to effect positive change within the state.

Economic security, whether within the individual, family, or larger community, is an essential component of living in a free and equitable society. Mississippi has far too many citizens across the state living in what are nationally recognized as persistent poverty counties. One Voice works to ensure communities are able to create their own economic opportunities through education and leadership training.


As Mississippi’s public education system still struggles under the yoke of inadequate funding, other legislative and policy issues regarding charter schools, achievement districts, tax credit, and school vouchers loom on the horizon. To combat this, legislation needs to be monitored and communities need to be educated. Additionally, under One Voice, education leaders can come together to share and learn best practices about critical education issues like accreditation, testing, and child restraint policies. This combining of resources allows district leaders to ensure the best educational opportunities for their students.


To sustain a truly democratic and equitable system of policy formation, every citizen must share an equal voice in the election process. To ensure the integrity of the election process, One Voice is dedicated to building broad base coalitions of stakeholders who provide election protection services allowing us to track barriers to voting and to create and distribute information on how citizens can navigate the process.

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