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Valuing Uniforms Over Uniform Justice

Posted by admin   on April 26, 2017
Category :Latest News
Out of the handful of bills attempting to address cracks in the criminal justice system in Mississippi, most fail before they are introduced inside of the committee process. During the 2017 legislative session, two bills passed in both houses, but only one was signed into law: House Bill 645 “The Blue, Red and Med Lives Matter Act” more commonly known as “Back the Badge”. House Bill 645 enhances penalties for offenses committed against law enforcementRead More
WASTE & RACE: The Impact of Environmental Racism on Vulnerable Communities If you want to know how great your risk is to environmental hazards, look no further than your zip code. It is an unfortunate and well documented fact that people who live in low-income, rural, minority, working class, or ethnic communities are disproportionately victimized by industries that pollute the air they breathe and the water they drink. For the past twenty years, environmental andRead More
Hollis Watkins is currently president of Southern Echo, a leadership development and education organization, that provides training and technical assistance to individuals and organizations throughout the South in the areas of politics, education, environmental programs, economic development, and law. Hollis is a powerful force in the efforts to carry on the unfinished business of the civil rights movement. For the past decade, Southern Echo has organized and supported local redistricting efforts aimed at more effectiveRead More
A principal served four years and two months in prison for attempted murder. Another pleaded guilty to embezzling $73,033 in electronics from his school. One teacher struck a student, and several others were accused of misconduct involving students. DATABASE: Disciplined teachers in Mississippi All of these individuals surrendered or lost their teaching license, and each of them was later reinstated by Mississippi’s commission responsible for disciplining educators. Through open records requests and a review ofRead More

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